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State of the Art, Fraud Resistant,
Anti Copy Document Security Paper Products
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CIC Coupon Paper
CIC Hologram Paper


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Micro Format, Inc.
Micro Format, Inc.
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Est.1983 ~ On Line Since 1995

Since 1983, with corporate offices located near Chicago Illinois
and with affiliated manufacturing facilities located in cities across the United States,
Micro Format provides Document Security Paper Products worldwide.

Document Security Paper IS OUR BUSINESS ...
... not a sideline.

Micro Format Inc. is an award winning
Product Innovation Company specializing in
"high technology" State of the Art Tamper Resistant, Anti Copy Fraud Resistant Security Paper Products.

Micro Format means

GOLD CIC Hologram GOLD CIC Hologram

for printing coupons
in stock and ready to ship
At Micro Format, we are document security paper specialists.
We discourage all unauthorized document duplication.
We support all organizations and all efforts that work to eliminate coupon fraud including Coupon Information Corporation (CIC).

As document security paper specialists, Micro Format is a state approved manufacturer for Prescription Paper Products in every state that requires approval including, but not limited to, California, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Washington, Wyoming

The Micro Format Compliance Team’s Mission is to help fight unauthorized duplication where ever it is found....
Unauthorized Duplication IS Expensive and it can be Prevented.

Gold CIC hologran Coupon Paper

If you print coupons.....

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REACT™ Anti-Counterfeit Technology and GS1 DataBar
the perfect combination to prevent coupon fraud

The U.P.C. Prefix 5 symbol is no longer to be used on coupons
in North America after mid-year 2015.

Additional Information

UPC-A and GS1 DataBar

GS1 DataBar
GS1 Databar

    Benefits of GS1 DataBar on Coupons:
  • Retailers can reduce the time spent on processing coupons
    and speed up customer check-out by leveraging the GS1
    DataBar barcodes on coupons.
  • Scanning the GS1 DataBar barcodes enables the efficient
    electronic validation of both consumer compliance with the
    terms of the offer and the authenticity of coupons through
  • The use of the GS1 DataBar barcodes on coupons will help
    decrease the incidents of unintentional misredemption
    and fraud, reduce cashier labor and decision making time,
    and maximize intended profitability of promotions - while
    improving overall customer experience.

GS1 DataBar (RSS) Software

These downloads are made available from free of charge as a model for developers and as a 'sampler' for users.


CIC Coupon Paper

In 2006, the Coupon Information Corporation undertook the challenge to help create a solution to protect FREE Product and High Value Coupons from being counterfeited.

As a result of their investigation, CIC created a unique hologram and recommended that product manufacturers place the CIC hologram on the front, top, center of all free product and high value coupons issued. The CIC hologram artwork has been made available to all manufacturers, regardless of whether or not they were CIC members. Over the past years, users of the CIC hologram have found that their FREE Product and High Value Coupons have been much more secure from counterfeiters.

In an attempt to expand usage of the CIC hologram, reduce overall production cost and encourage the CIC hologram logo to become the universal identifier for both large and small coupon production runs, SecureGuard™ has created REACT™ Security Paper with the CIC Hologram. This unique security coupon paper product is available as a stock product in small carton quantities.
SecureGuard REACT™ with the CIC Hologram is available for purchase by all commercial printers who print coupons for their clients and customers. However, to protect the integrity of this product, it is required that commercial printers register prior to placing orders. Upon registration, printers will receive a unique identification number to be used when placing orders.

REACT™ Coupon Paper with the CIC Hologram

REACT coupon paper with CIC hologram


The Industry Challenge according to CIC, Coupon Information Corporation: COUNTERFEITING
The best way to attack COUNTERFEITING is before it starts.

REACT™ Coupon Paper with the CIC Hologram is impossible to accurately duplicate.
With the addition of GS1 DataBar barcodes, counterfeit high value coupons can become a problem of the past !

Counterfeit coupons have cost manufacturers millions of dollars and have created numerous costs and challenges for retailers and other industry participants. These counterfeits have ranged from amateurish home-made ones to high quality, professional examples virtually identical to those printed by the industry. Unfortunately, even the amateurish coupons are often accepted for redemption, creating liabilities for a variety of industry participants.
Once a counterfeit is accepted, someone, whether it is a manufacturer or a retailer, is going to have to pay for it, creating uncontrollable liabilities and unnecessary trade relations issues.

CIC, Coupon Information Corporation has published:
Voluntary Best Practices: Retailer Coupon Acceptance Policy

CIC Voluntary Best Practices states that
"Technologies similar to those used to protect US Currency and other valuable documents should be implemented to help secure coupons."

REACT™ CIC Best Practices Digital Coupon Paper Security Features include:
  • OFFICIAL Gold CIC Hologram available exclusively for Authorized REACT Coupon Printers

  • REACT CIC Feature Sheet (pdf file)
GOLD CIC Hologram

REACT™ Anti-Counterfeit Technology and GS1 Databar
the perfect combination to prevent coupon fraud

SecureGuard REACT™ Coupon Paper with the CIC Hologram
was developed with permission from the CIC and is ideal for printing high value and free products coupons.

SecureGuard REACT™ Coupon Paper with Hologram contains state of the art Anti-Counterfeiting Security Technology PLUS the official CIC Hologram.
This unique paper meets the CIC Best Practices guidelines that have been adopted by over 35 of the largest consumer package good manufacturers.
Both the paper stock and security hologram foil were developed to be able to run through most of the digital printers without issue.

SecureGuard REACT™ Coupon Paper with the CIC Hologram presents a great opportunity for commercial printers to provide both short run and variable coupons which could not be produced cost effectively until now.
  • It is no longer necessary to print a year supply of secure coupons.
    REACT™ DIGITAL security paper with the CIC Hologram is a stock paper product.
    Purchase as much or as little paper as you need to fill the order on hand.
  • Save money for you and your client. It is no longer necessary to tie up thousands of dollars in production cost just to reduce the price per coupon.
  • Free up your storage space since you only print the quantity needed.
  • Print only the coupons needed. Eliminate the chance that certificates will become obsolete before they are distributed.
  • REACT ™ CIC Best Practices Digital Coupon Paper
    is the perfect security paper product to help reduce unauthorized coupon duplication.

  • TEMPLATE for REACT™ Paper with CIC Hologram
    Coupon with CIC Hologram

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  • SG6015
    REACT™ Coupon Paper
    80# Gloss Text (118.40 gsm)
    Size: 8-1/2" x 11"
    Carton Weight: 32#
    2,000 sheets per carton
    Call for Price

  • SG6025
    REACT™ Coupon Paper
    with CIC Hologram
    REACT CIC Feature Sheet (pdf file)
    80# Gloss Text (118.40 gsm)
    Size: 12" x 18"
    500 Sheets per carton
    Carton Weight: 17#

    Call for Price

  • TEMPLATE for REACT™ Paper with CIC Hologram

    REACT™ Coupon Paper with the CIC Hologram
    Exclusively for the Trade

    Authorized REACT COUPON Printer Request

    To become an AUTHORIZED React Coupon Printer contact Micro Format SecureGuard by
    submitting your request using this Request Link

    Upon approval, you will be assigned a unique Micro Format Client Account Number.
    Your Client Account Number may be requested when purchasing REACT Coupon paper with the CIC logo.

    Only AUTHORIZED REACT COUPON PRINTERS have the authority to print coupons on REACT Paper
    with the Coupon Information Corporation (CIC) Hologram.

    When coupons are printed by an authorized REACT Coupon Printer, using REACT Coupon Paper with the CIC hologram,
    coupons will meet and exceed all CIC Security requirements.

    Coupon Validation information

    Coupon Validation

    Printer’s Resource Learning Center
    Paper Weight and Size Tables

    Let’s End the Confusion

    At Micro Format .... Manufacturing SecureGuard - REACT™ Document Security Paper Products is our business ...not a sideline !

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